"Dr. Kewson and the knowledgeable staff at Hair Restoration Detroit made my hair transplant process a wonderful experience. The entire process was effortless and painless. All of my questions were thoroughly answered and the follow-up appointments made me feel at ease and comfortable knowing the procedure was done correctly. It's been 3 months since I've had the procedure and hair is continuing to grow! I would highly recommend anyone who's even interested in getting this procedure done to at least get a consultation here. It's the best decision you'll make.
- R.M Troy, MI
I was totally impressed by the professionals of Doctor Kewson and his staff. I had been suffering with severe vertigo for several years and had nausea and queasiness most of the time. It was so bad that I would be bedridden for several days at this time. When I decided I needed to see an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor, I asked my daughter who is a nurse for a recommendation, she highly recommended Dr. Kewson. I made an appointment with his very courteous and professional staff. I was very impressed with my visit and his initial diagnosis, testing and office treatment. I was given a prescription for a medication that has made me feel better than I have for a long time. Dr. Kewson is kind and caring I would recommend him to family and friends.
- E. A. Dearborn, MI
I used to see another ENT Specialist for 8 years; He had done 3 sinus surgeries on me in 2005 and things were just not normal. I spent 5 years on antibiotics. I was so sick I went to an Infectious disease doctor and she told me to go to Dr. Kewson. I went to see Dr. Kewson and I told him he was my last hope. Dr. Kewson said he could fix it. I went into sinus surgery and in 3 days I was a new person. That was 2 years ago and I haven’t had a sinus infection since. He is awesome! I am very grateful that he is my ENT doctor. He puts you at ease in his quiet way. I have sent my brother and sister and have heard the same good things from them. His staff is great they get you in out as soon as they can.
- N. S. Dearborn, MI
I was patient in June 08, I first went to see Dr. Kewson he was great and I really liked the staff they were wonderful. I returned for treatment in August and had seen Dr. Toma. He was great also. My son had surgery with Dr. Toma at the Great Lakes Surgical Center in Southfield. This was a great option over a hospital. The service was faster and more personal. The Nurse Practitioner Tania Caballero kept us very informed prior to surgery.
- S. O. Dearborn, MI
I came in 4 years ago to get tested for allergies. I found out I was allergic to several things and have been getting treated. Dr. Kewson and office staff is great, I refer all my friends and family here.
- F. M. Dearborn, MI
I just want to say Dr. Toma is an excellent surgeon. He was very informative and honest. Dr. Toma assured me that everything would be Okay and it did. I wouldn’t let any other surgeon operate on me! Dr. Toma and his staff are Awesome.
- Y. C. Dearborn, MI
My experience with Dr. Kewson and Southeast Michigan ENT has been wonderful. Dr. Kewson is a very patient man who listens carefully to our concerns. I have had strong anxiety issues surrounding Sinus surgery, I had avoided the procedure for many years. Dr. Kewson took the time to explain everything to me and addressed all my concerns and fears. I am very happy with the outcome and I would recommend Dr. Kewson to anyone seeking relief from sinus issues.
- C. H. Canton, MI
From the Office to the Exam rooms to the surgery, we experienced nothing but the best from Dr. Kewson. His staff is wonderful especially during a surgery for a 3 year old. Thanks so much!
- E. A. & N. A. Dearborn, MI
I have a lot of Allergy concerns; I was tested and have been a patient for 4 years now receiving treatment. The staff and Doctors are wonderful I would refer family and friends to their office.
- F. M. Dearborn, MI
Dr. Kewson was able to quickly and effective diagnosis the my son’s speech problems by removing his adenoids and putting tubes in his ears. He listened to my concerns as a parent when other pediatricians told me nothing was wrong with my son’s speech. He also realized he had some food allergies that were missed by other specialists. Dr. Kewson has improved the health and well being of my family.
- C. S. Dearborn Heights, MI
The Southeast Michigan Ear, Nose and Throat office provides quality and professional care for all ages. I have suffered from recurrent sinus infections associated with dizziness and balance issues. I was referred by my primary doctor to Dr. Kewson. He immediately found the problem and we scheduled surgery to correct the issue. Dr. Kewson is very knowledgeable and precise with his explanation. Surgery went well; I appreciate all the compassion and care that he and his staff provided. Whatever the staff is doing …. Keep doing it because you have an excellent facility. Thank You!
- M. A. M. RN, Dearborn Heights, MI