The NeoGraft® Process

Step 1: Remove Donor Hair

Hair restoration with NeoGraft® is easy. First, your hair transplant surgeon will remove hair from your donor area. Your donor area is typically located in the back of your head where hair is genetically resistant to testosterone.

Step 2: Extract Follicular Grafts

Next, your hair transplant surgeon will extract each hair graft and group them by diameter and length. The result? An increased follicular take rate.

Step 3: Create Recipient Site

Then, your hair transplant surgeon will create recipient sites in the designated area at the proper angle, in the right direction, with the right orientation. This is done in accordance with a custom hair transplant plan designed for your unique hairline prior to the procedure.

Step 4: Place Hair Graft

Last but not least, your hair transplant surgeon will transplant each follicular graft into the balding or thinning areas of your scalp. Each and every graft is naturally harvested to achieve the best and most natural-looking results possible.

The best part? NeoGraft® hair restoration is minimally invasive, features quick recovery time, and leaves no linear scar.

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